Oshkosh Zoo
African Spurred Tortoise

Meet Dash

She is our resident African Spurred Tortoise! Dash is currently 25 years old and weighs 85 pounds. On average, these tortoises live to be about 50 years old, but in captivity they may live even longer! She is native to the transition zone between a desert and a savannah habitat, and therefore enjoys warm weather. Similar to hibernation, tortoises go through aestivation, a state of animal dormancy. Aestivation takes place in intricate burrows that the tortoises dig to hide from predators and to stay cool. Dash loves to be outside on a warm and sunny afternoon eating grass and exploring the entire Zoo. You may even find her by the elk and wolves! When she’s not outside you can see her through her viewing window, right next to our baboon, Bubba.

Did You Know?
The spurred tortoise is so named for the spurs on its hind legs.