Oshkosh Zoo
North American Badger

North American Badger

Badgers are usually very shy, Harper is just the opposite!

She is always eager to greet her visitors and say hello. She is a digging machine and her favorite burrow is located underneath her “house”.

Badgers tend to be very active at night, and although they are not true hibernators, they can be fairly inactive during the winter months even staying immobile for up to 29 hours at a time.

Badgers are incredible diggers and their triangular faces are ideal for this. Their bodies are squat and sturdy with short legs. If you stumble across a badger in the wild, they’ll let you know to be careful. They are fierce creatures and will hiss or growl if they feel threatened.

Badgers are no strangers to Wisconsin. The official state mammal of Wisconsin is the badger and you can find it on the state flag and state seal. Bucky Badger can be seen all across the city of Madison.

Did You Know?
A badger den can be as deep as 10 feet below ground with over 30 feet of tunnels along with a large sleeping area!