Oshkosh Zoo


Bert (black) and Ernie (white) are our two Ferrets!

These brothers are 8 years old, making them old men in the ferret world. They enjoy eating a high protein diet and napping whenever they get a chance. They can sleep up to 14 hours a day! On nice, warm days, you may find them outside in our Education Playpen. These two rascals love digging in the sand and climbing on logs. These ferrets are domesticated ferrets, not the Black-Footed Ferrets that you’d find in Yellowstone National Park. Ferrets were domesticated to hunt rabbits hundreds of years ago. Their scientific name Mustela putorius furo means “mouse-catching, smelly, thief”

Stop by and say Hi to Bert and Ernie!

Did You Know?
Ferrets are wonderful, trainable pets who will willingly use a litter tray!