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Red Foxes

Red Foxes

We can’t wait for you to meet Scarlett and Melli!

Melli loves treats, enrichment, and burying her meals to save for later! Scarlett is the larger of the two girls, she can often be found napping in the hollow log. Foxes belong to the dog family, which includes wolves, coyotes, grey foxes, and their relatives. All members of this family are very adaptable animals, which makes them successful in many areas of the world!

The Red Fox can be found across the entire Northern Hemisphere including North America, Europe, and Asia. They primarily feed on small rodents, but they will also feed on larger animals like rabbits, game birds, and even reptiles.

They have to be on the look out for predators though including wolves and coyotes.

Did You Know?
Red foxes mate in winter and the female builds a den shortly thereafter. She can deliver anywhere between one and 12 pups per litter. Pups are born brown or gray, usually turning red within about a month.