Oshkosh Zoo
Summer Animals at the Menominee Park Zoo

Our Summer Animals

Each summer the Menominee Park Zoo obtains a variety of animals from other locations. Cristo Rey Ranch loans farm animals to the zoo.  The exotic species are rented using OZS funds. The OZS and the city are committed to reducing animal rentals in the future.  This commitment is evident in our Master Plan and in our recent actions. New exhibits are designed for year-round animal display and the animals are owned by the city. The Eagle Exhibit is our next venture and you can help us by donating to the Eagle fund.

The summer animals have returned to their winter homes.  Check back in May to read about our new arrivals for the 2019 season.

Did You Know?
Females tend to give birth every other year. They usually have one infant and their gestation period is 6 months.