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Close Encounters at the Menominee Park Zoo

Close Encounters at the Zoo!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the otters at the zoo?

Close Encounters at Menominee Park Zoo will allow you to go behind the scenes during the off-season with the keeping team and get an even closer look at the animals.

Guests will be granted a special behind the scenes exploration of our zoo keepers' lives and relationships with our zoo animals. Accompany our staff to areas of the zoo to discover habitat, adaptations and behaviors of our animals as you watch the keepers provide husbandry, training and routine care. You will get a unique opportunity to interact with our zookeepers doing what they love.

A unique animal experience makes the perfect present or a great addition to your day at the Zoo. Not only will it be an experience to remember but you will also be contributing to our vital work supporting and promoting the Zoo!

Don't forget your camera. You'll need it! This is a great opportunity to experience the animals in a way that very few get the chance to do.

Availability is extremely limited and you must book at least 24 hours in advance!

We do not have any Close Encounters sessions available right now. Please check back later.