Oshkosh Zoo
The Wolves Have Arrived!

The Wolves Have Arrived!

Four new wolves from the Wildlife Science Center, Columbus MN arrived at their new home.

After being empty for several months our wolf exhibit is repopulated.  The Wolf exhibit opened to the public in 2002 and Oshkosh deeply loved its occupants, Caleb, Rutger, and Saleen.  Late last spring, the exhibit stood empty because all of our original wolves had died of old age over the past few years.  After  a long search and some exhibit repairs, the exhibit no longer stands empty.

Four wolves, 2 males and 2 females were transported from the Wildlife Science Center in Columbus MN to the Menominee Park Zoo.  These wolves are sired from a Yellowstone problem wolf that had been removed from that national park.

The first few days they actively hunted the rabbits that had moved in over the summer.