Oshkosh Zoo
Know Before You Go

Menominee Park Zoo – Things to Know Before You Go

The zoo is committed to providing a safe, fun, and educational experience for all visitors while ensuring the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and animals.  Here are some tips to help make your time at the zoo more enjoyable!

Smoking is not allowed within the zoo. This includes the use of e-cigarettes.

For the safety of both visitors and the animals, firearms are not permitted. This also includes knives and any other weapons.

While roller skates, scooters, bicycles, and skateboards can be fun activities, please do not bring these items into the zoo.

Please do not touch or feed any of the animals except in designated areas or when accompanied by staff or volunteers.

Do not yell or tease any of the animals. This includes tapping on the windows.

You can enjoy many treats inside the Lake Fly Cafe, but please don’t try and share them with the animals. They are on a very specific diet.

The fences are there for your safety and the safety of the animals. Please respect all boundaries.

Finally, be sure to check us out on both Facebook and Twitter for updates prior to your visit.